Learn Robotics

'Robotics-in-a-Day' is a masterclass to build your robotics quotient

Robotics Quotient
In the age of robotics, your IQ is no longer enough to stand tall. You will need a new intellectual foundation – Robotics Quotient.
Next Workplace Reality
What will you do if your manager calls and says your job has changed because robots have arrived?

Robotics MasterClass

'Robotics-in-a-Day' is not a regular course or class

No Technical Background
This masterclass is not a technical workshop or hackathon.
No Prior Knowledge
Irrespective of the background, the masterclass is for everyone.
affordable pricing
Whatever the situation, the masterclass is accessible to everyone.
holistic approach
The masterclass offers a holistic approach and goes beyond technology.
engaging conversations
The content and conversations are provocative.
speed learning
‘Robotics-in-a-Day’ is a marathon session to learn everything robotics.
new paradigms
You will see new possibilities and develop new mental filters..
practical knowledge
Whatever you will learn, you will be able to apply immediately.
connected sharing
The focus is to learn together and from one another.

Who Should Attend

There is no technical background or prior knowledge required for Robotics-in-a-Day

Whether you are a teacher, lawyer, doctor or architect, robotics is changing every job and profession.
Robotics is opening doors to new possibilities. You can become the next mogul of your industry.
This course will help managers navigate the transformation at work.
From sales to marketing to customer support, and more, everybody will need to become robot-ready.
With the right knowledge, executives can build the new foundation for their business.
Become ‘robotic fit’ if you want a job in the age of robotics.

What You Will Gain

Whether you are a person, business, city or nation, 'Robotics-in-a-Day' will move you forward

Robotics Quotient
Develop a new intellectual foundation.
Robotic Fit
Tell the world, ‘You’re ready to coexist with robots’.
Develop Foresight
Understand the future you need to prepare for.
Imagine Possibilities
Identify what robotics can do for you.
stay relevant
Stay competitive and don’t get left behind.
fast forward
Talk, think and act like a robotics professional.

Content Outline

'Robotics-in-a-Day' is full of provocative content and conversations

The age of robotics has arrived. Are you robot-ready?
Robotics is transforming the world. What does that look like?
Robots are knocking on your door. What should you do?

'Robotics-in-a-Day' is taught by Aseem Prakash

How To Begin

'Robotics-in-a-Day' is ready. Are you?

Access ‘Robotics-in-a-Day’ on a one-on-one basis using Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Face-2-Face interaction. Or, get a group of friends or coworkers together in a room.
Whether you are a business entity, government department, industry association or conference organizer, use ‘Robotics-in-a-Day’ to empower employees, customers and partners. Just provide a venue and people in seats.


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